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Wintergreen Ski Season Extended

The snow at Wintergreen won’t melt fast enough. So, after this weekend, slopes will open one final time on Saturday, March 27 from 9am to 5pm for skiing and riding. Tickets: Adult $25, Youth $20. Rentals: $15. After March 27, all we’ll be able to talk about is Wintergreen golf, Wintergreen tennis, Wintergreen hiking, Wintergreen real estate, Wintergreen Nature Foundation, Wintergreen …

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Skiing and Golfing at Wintergreen

Today’s photos tell the tale of two Wintergreen’s. Most of the year (though not so much this past winter), you can golf and ski on the same day. This weekend will be ideal – plenty of snow left for the Rail Jam and Slide, Splash & Bash Party on the ski slopes. And, for those that prefer golf when the weather warms, Wintergreen has plenty of that as well. Catch it all this weekend at Virginia’s premier Blue Ridge Mountain Resort. If you love Wintergreen and want to make it a regular thing, feel free to get in touch for the latest information on available Wintergreen real estate.

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Wintergreen Still Skiing and Tubing

Don’t let a little (or even a lot) rain dampen your spirits for spring skiing at Wintergreen. We’re sitting on the largest stockpile of snow we’ve had in years. If the demand were there, we could ski well into April this year. Come up and see us – ski Wintergreen in the morning – golf Wintergreen in the afternoon. Or, call and check out our Wintergreen real estate options for part of the day!

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